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I was the most socially ill-equipped and maybe the most boring person ever during my school days. My friends actually knew how to dress up and look pretty, where I with big glass and braces on my teeth didn’t know the basic of trendy look. I had two best friends at that time and the whole class used to call me double battery. In that year I got the taste of my first crush. He used to be a charming and most handsome person in our school. Most of the girls were following him all around, hoping for a glimpse, but I was the lucky one he asked for my friendship. And of course I accepted it gratefully. I had never dared to give him any clue about my feelings. The days passed by and I had started to develop inferior feelings about my look and complexion. I feared of rejection. I shared my feelings with my best friends. At first they laughed, but when they sensed I was serious they gave me some tips about my makeover. I had tried so many methods; I cut my hair, removed my braces and applied turmeric paste on my face. Though the glow came in my face, but I was still lacking in developing self confidence. I wanted to improve my attitude, but only motivation wasn’t working for me. So I decided to give up on my attitude and concentrate on studies as my board exams were approaching.

I had never studied that hard in my entire life and appeared my exam with a smile on my face.  It is well said that ‘Hard work is the key to success.’  Well, I got 95% on my board exam and got admitted in the same school for eleventh standard.

On my 12th standard my friends forced me to confess my feelings for him. I declined their request by saying I can’t take the rejection. But the truth was I couldn’t develop my self confidence for confession. Slowly and steadily I understood that I have to reveal my feelings.

I considered the ‘now’ or ‘never’ situation. I made a slid show telling why I love him, and played it secretly in our assembly room.  The whole class, including teacher witnessed my bold attempt. I didn’t reveal my name in that. So the teacher searched for the main culprit, but failed to find it and thus suspended the whole class for two days.

That day I realized my growing confidence, so I made my mind to reveal everything and took the rejection positively. I called him to the nearest park and explained everything. He was stunned to hear all this. Though he didn’t accept my proposal, but we still remained friends. After 12th board exam, we parted our paths. 
My transformation led me a confident lifestyle. I was able to leave behind my past and went on the path of present. I got placed in a very well known company and I got an invitation for school get together party. I never expected to see him again at that party. He hadn’t changed a bit; same charming look, flirty smile and full of energy. He came closer to me and said, “You look different. I mean you have changed.”

“Define different?” I asked with confident look. We both laughed and talked for hours.

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