Saturday, 14 March 2015



There was a time in my life when I found myself grasping at straws to stay afloat. It was a significant turn in my life. I was in class eight and I was selected from my school for the inter dance festival, a state level competition. Just the day before my competition I broke my leg in an accident. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw my name from that competition. Many gossips were evolved regarding my withdrawal. I felt broken and lost. It was hard for me to accept the failure without even trying. I felt guilty and my anger converted into fear.

My whole world changed during that one month. I was afraid if some of my friends were gossiping behind my back, if some were criticizing me. Somehow my dreams of becoming a great dancer had already shattered. I quite from my dance class and started to avoid people. Soon my popularity status changed into not so popular status.

That year ended and on the summer vacation, papa joined me in a yoga class. That also didn’t help me in building my confidence. One day papa asked me if I love to dance or not. I truthfully admitted that I love to dance, but afraid of stage and people’s gaze. Then papa told me to find the strength and confidence in criticism.

I had lost my confidence on my leg and it was been eight months since that accident had occurred. At first it was hard to try, but I gathered my will power and rejoined the dance class. My papa was always there to support me, guide me, motivate me and hold me. When I entered the class the whole students glared at me as if I was an alien. I took that positively and considered that due to my uniqueness and pretty face students were glaring at me.

The days passed by and I regained my confidence on my leg and I had to move to my second step. My second step was to perform on a stage. My dance teacher arranged a competition for me and my performance was scheduled.

Papa assured me, “Remember dear, I’m always with you. There is no need to worry about the result. I won’t mind if you don’t win this competition. I want you to gather your shattered dreams, find your optimism and be an optimistic person like you used be. I know together we can do it.” 

On the performance day I got nervous on the stage and forgot two steps. The whole audience disapproved my performance. I went numb, but soon noticed papa stood in front of the stage and cheering me up and at that time I had found my optimism and strength. I continued my remaining steps after a few seconds. My mind was shouting I can do it and my heart co-operated with my mind. The music as well as my steps ended and I took my final position. After a few seconds of silence the audience got up clapping, shouting and cheering for me.

‘I did it. No, We did it papa.’, a thought formed on my mind and smile came across my face. Papa used to tell me, ‘The best way to win over your fear is to face it’. That day remained as the most memorable day of my life. I found my hope for dance and life. I rediscover my optimistic personality. I became bright and daring due to that incident. Papa helped me to look up and follow my heart, will power.

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