Sunday, 22 March 2015

MY DIARY (#12)

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Dear Blog,

It’s been a long time since I share with you something. These days I’m feeling lost, broken and a thousand of negative thoughts playing on my mind. Sometimes I feel like a wallflower, lost in the crowd. Sometimes I feel like standing at the edge of the world; one step ahead, I’ll fall hard. I’m faking smile these days. I’m behaving like 'I'm doing well', but the truth is I’m not.

I want someone to hold me, hug me and let me cry. Before two days one of my friends asked me what I expect from her. To be frank, I don’t know what to expect and how to expect. I have experience of getting hurt through expectation and hope. So I’m afraid of that. I was hurt so many times, but hate to show it.

‘Every smiling face is not happy inside.’

I’m not emotionally stable, as told by my friends. I always end up showing wrong emotions at wrong times. Sometimes controlling my emotions seem difficult for me; for a moment I laugh uncontrollably and for a moment I want to close myself within me.

I want to release my tiredness, and my friends are really helping me without acknowledging it. Next time I want to stand at the edge of the world to spread my wings of happiness.

See you again  

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  1. Such a heart felt post, hope you are happy now and having a good week. Friends are the best indeed!

  2. Yes Inderpreet, friends are the best... :)

  3. Exactly the same situation which I am facing these days is defined by you over here. I don't have further words to say anything...

  4. Yaa Alok... But I think we can overcome this phase together... :)

  5. I have been through this babe, I remember my grandpa saying, "this too shall pass" I have been told that i am too emotional, but i havent changed that about me at all. Its a phase babe, and i am sure you will come out strongly. I would promise to stand by you as a friend if you start to give up. ping me when you feel like :) Am there and you can expect all as a friend from me...:)

  6. Thanks Shweta... :) Glad to know that you are with me.... :)

  7. Thats an intense yet cute way to expressing in diary. Congrats..You deserved the badge!

  8. Thanks Shilpi, Welcome to my blog..... :)



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