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We all know that babies are the active and energetic members in a house; they always keep you busy with their activities. That’s why it is said that ‘A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday!’ Everyone love babies when they play and laugh with you but sometimes baby's cry can also irritate you. Babies stay happy if their mood is good. 

Before someday my cousin visited our house with her seven month old baby. The baby slept peacefully whole evening, but started to cry at our bed time. Stopping his cries had seemed an impossible mission to carry out. But we had managed to soothe him properly after a long try.

The next day we managed to feed him properly as empty stomach may lead the baby to frustration and the baby will end up crying again. We let him sleep for some hours. When he woke up, he started to smile. I and my sister danced in front of him and he seemed to enjoy it. I danced the ‘paa movie’ step and my sister danced like a bird. The baby clapped, created a hummed sound and laughed; my cousin captured that moment by clicking some of his pictures and made some videos.

We have a pet black cat, his name is Blaty. At first we thought the baby would be afraid of Blaty but the opposite occurred. He crawled back and forward to catch Blaty and Blaty was running and hiding; sometimes under the sofa, sometimes under the bed and sometimes in the kitchen. That moment was so hilarious, we trio burst out laughing. We figured out that he loved to catch Blaty.

That whole day we played with the baby, capturing our pictures, singing and dancing crazy steps. We helped my cousin in baby’s bath. Then my cousin said the baby needed some feeding; so mama ferried him and my cousin started to spoon feed him. The whole house seemed energetic because the baby’s smile never vanished. After feeding, my cousin mumbled a lullaby and within minutes he fell asleep.

Mama asked my cousin why she is not changing his diaper. To answer mama’s question she said, ‘I have used a good quality dry diaper, it can last up to 12 hours. So don’t worry about that.” Then again mama said, “You should remove his diaper, because some diapers give emphasize on outer dryness and inner wetness leads to rashes.” My cousin answered, “No, I’m using such diaper, which not only maintains outer dryness but also inner dryness, its magic Gel locks in moisture so that baby’s skin remains dry and healthy. That’s why he was playing peacefully till now and with this quality of the diaper there is very less chance for rashes.”

I realized the diaper plays a vital role in every baby’s life. The baby’s mood depends upon the dryness or wetness of the diaper.   

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