Saturday, 7 March 2015


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Dear mama,
Today I once again asked papa about you, but as usual papa changed the topic. I didn’t cry today as I’m your brave princess... Every time I ask about you he gets furious and hurriedly leaves the house for some time. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to run away from me.
You know my every friend are bringing delicious Tiffin, they are also giving credit to their mama. But I don’t mind taking always bread and butter. I just need you by my side to hold me if I’ll sick and pick me if I fall. 

I miss you at the parents-teacher meeting, where all my friends come with their parents. I want to show you my grade sheet. I got 1st position in my seventh grade. Recently I heard some of my classmates talked about you, they said that you are not in the world anymore, that you are dead... I got angry and beat a few of them. Later that day principle called papa and I saw the disappointment in his eyes. I had embarrassed papa. On our way out he didn’t utter a word even though I begged for forgiveness and explained the whole situation.

It’s been three long years you went for your trip. Where are you mama? How are you? There are so many more things I want to ask, I want to share. Don’t you miss your princess? If you can’t make it to home any sooner, then can you call me? I want to hear your voice. Waiting for your reply mama... 

With love,                                                                                                                                   Your princess...

She then folded the letter and put in an envelope. A tear slithered down her cheek. She wiped it and marched towards his father. She handed the letter with puffy eyes. “Papa, can you mail it to mama? I know this time she will definitely reply me.” she said with pure confidence. Her father took the letter and attempted to smile.

Her father went to the study room and sat across a window. Thousand of memories flashed in his mind. His beloved went on a trip before three years ago. The next day he got a call about his wife’s accident. He hurried towards that place only to find the lifeless, motionless body of his wife. That day he cried his heart out. Till now he couldn’t omit this painful memory. He couldn’t buy himself to tell this to his princess. He knew his princess was hoping something that would never get true... With that thought he placed that unsent letter in the drawer of his table along with seventeen more letters, which were also written by his princess.

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  1. Emotional and soulful post. It indeed is difficult to sometimes get to the innocence of a child.nice post.

  2. Such a tender post, so much love and lost chance. I was teary eyed reading the tale of the little girl. Well written.

  3. Also I can't find any sharing tools? Maybe it is a net glitch, will check again. A twitter link would be great.

  4. Oh! Such a touching one. Very moving, Appy.
    Hope no child has to write such letters. Wishing parents for all kids...

  5. Thanks Shweta, Inderpreet and Anita for your lovely words!!!
    @Inderpreet there are sharing tools on the left side and I have checked the twitter link is working.... :)

  6. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt post, Arpita!
    Loved every word!

    Aditi's Monologue

  7. Very touching and emotional Arpita. Very well expressed. God bless!

  8. Thanks Aditi and Archna for your positive words!!!! Glad you liked it...

  9. Very emotional post Arpita. Its really painful to see the child and the father struggle in their separate ways .. A Moving piece.

  10. Thanks Kokila... ;) Glad you liked it...



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