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 I met him during my school days. He was the most charming boy in my class, whereas I was the below average looking girl; with my big glass, braces on my teeth. At the first meeting I felt drawn towards him, I never realized when the mere infatuation turned into intense feeling. I always stalked him on Facebook, never miss a single chance to give comment on his status and photos.

 Once I wrote a letter to him confessing my love for him, but I didn’t mention my name in that letter. The letter circled the whole class, but couldn’t reach at him that day. The next day when he read that letter, I was desperately waiting for his reactions. After reading it, he laughed a little and announced, “So many grammatical errors! ‘Dwelling’ and ‘envious’ spellings are also wrong.” Everybody joined with his laugh. I felt broken, he could’ve seen my feelings instead he saw the grammatical mistakes.

 I didn’t lose my hope. I drew my inspiration from that and started to study hard just to gain his attention. My grades improved as well as my friend circles. But still I failed to attract his attention. I thought he only talked with pretty girls. And I got another inspiration. I decided for a makeover; I removed my braces and glass. I was wearing glasses because I thought it would make me look studious. I got a new hair cut. For the first time I thought I was looking pretty.

The next day I got many complements about my new looks and boys started to notice me. But he walked past me without giving me a second glance. I turned to see him talking with the music club members. So I thought he talked with popular students.

There I decided to join a club and participate in some activities. That was my third inspiration, I joined the dance club. Dance and art are the two things I’m good at. I practiced a lot and won several competitions, I was even chosen as the president of the dance club. But I was yet to receive any attention from him.

The days passed by and on the last day of my twelfth board exam I decided to face him. But due to lack of my confidence I couldn’t, that night I revealed every truth about my feelings and that letter. The next thing I know he blocked me from his account. That was the last time I saw him. That moment made me optimistic about life. Rejection is one critical part of life but I converted that rejection into optimism.  

During my school days I have seen many ups and downs; I have swallowed many rejections from him and always found my inspirations from that rejection. I gained my confidence because of him; He remained as a vivid memory in my life. I came to know some great things like ‘not every story has a happy ending.’ And ‘rejections can be taken positively.’ He converted me to an optimistic person.

My own will power gave me strength and made me optimistic about life, love and future. I found my optimism in him. I recognized my bright, confident and daring personalities because of him.        

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  1. Nice to be optimistic. The heroine became a true heroine, Appy!

  2. You must thank that guy for not taking you seriously.

  3. Thank you Anita Pramod for visiting... :)



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