Monday, 23 March 2015

MY EXPERIENCE ON #WashBucketChallenge

Before six days, I got a parcel from Blogadda. I gave that parcel to papa and told ‘a gift for you’. He accepted the parcel with a confused look and unwrap the parcel to find a sample of ‘Ariel Matic’. He asked me, "What is this?"

“Papa, you promised me to help mama with laundry, so let’s wash tomorrow. And now it’s your turn to surprise mama.”  Papa smiled, nodded a yes and expressed, “It’s such a unique gift I have received till now. Okay, deal. Let’s wash tomorrow, but you have to teach me.” I did a thumbs up pose and shouted, “Deal.”

Next day papa had some work, so we postponed it until evening. In the evening we father and daughter stood in front of our washing machine. I cut the packet of Ariel and handed our pile of clothes to papa. He tossed the clothes in the washing machine and added some Ariel Matic powder.

He switched on the power button and the water started to flow inside it. He covered up the machine and the further cleaning work done by the machine. We both waited for the beep of the machine and meanwhile we gulped some snacks. I clicked several pictures of papa to remember this moment.

I found the texture of washing powder is rich and it is not sticking with clothes. After the beeping of the machine, papa took all the clothes out of the machine. He used hangers to dry the wet clothes. Papa and I did a high five. Papa declared, “I did it! I kept my promise and your mama will be surprised.” I gave him an assured smile. “Actually papa, it’s the first phase. After that you have to iron it and fold it.” He said, “You never mentioned about those. I have completed the wiping job.”

I laughed and informed, “Papa, let’s complete the task, no?” He agreed and the next day he ironed his shirts and pants. Mama was more than happy, she was speechless for a moment and then tears of joy slithered on her cheek. Mama beamed with joy and happiness.

For me it was one of the best experience, I got to spend some time with my papa. We both did the job like an assignment, though I only instructed. This is how I took the #WashBucketChallenge. I have clicked some pictures of him doing the laundry.

I'm nominating 5 people to take up the #WashBucketChallenge. 
1. Anita S, blogs at The explorer of miracle
2. Pratikshya Mishra, blogs at Magic moments
3. Tapasi Palo, blogs at Unraveling the path to eternity
4. Sangeeta Raghu, blogs at Sangry Words
5. Cifar Shayar, blogs at The other side.

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