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A seven-year-old kid sat across the window deep in her thought, when a constant ring in mobile brought her back to reality. Her mother rushed towards it and with a click she picked it up.

Tears were found in its way out from her mother’s face. She didn’t understand what was happening? After a few hours they reached at the hospital where she found her nana’s (maternal grandfather) lifeless body.

She observed her surroundings; some were weeping, some were showing their grief and some were gossiping. She heard some were talking about her nana’s death.

That night she couldn’t resist her curiosity anymore and rushed towards her mother. “Mama what happened to nana?”  Her mother wiped her eyes and brought her little daughter to her lap. “Nothing much dear, your nana became an angel.”

“What is an angel and why people were saying something about death?” Her mother patted her little daughter’s shoulder and looked into her twinkling eyes. “A shadow had kissed your nana and as your nana was a very good man he became an angel. Now he must be in heaven, from there he is looking at you.”

“Where is heaven mama? What happened to bad people? And what is the work of an angel?” She asked.

“Heaven is a thousand steps above us dear. The bad people became demon and go to hell, which is a thousand steps below us. Angels protect and guard us from bad people.”

“Bad people mean demons. But what is shadow kiss?” she asked, lifting her brows.

“Um... You will know when you will become grown up. Remember sweety nana is always in our heart. Now go to your bed.” Her mother concluded.

She went to her bed and processed what her mother told her about death. She thought a single click on the mobile lead her to a new world of angels and demons. She was happy that her nana became an angel.

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Now that little kid is no-more-a-little-kid. She has understood the impact of death. But still she believed in life after death. That she is ‘me’. 

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  1. The consolations and explanations elders give!
    A difficult situation to explain.

  2. The explanation of angels and stars and heaven.... The last line somehow brought a smile! Best Wishes.

  3. Thanks Indrani, Shashank and bellybytes...:) Your positive comments are encouraging me...

  4. Nice words to explain the feelings.Feeling the emotions of that little girl in your words.

  5. Parents used to explain life and death to kids in this way...I remember. But this generation is too smart :-)

  6. It is difficult to explain to kids. Even I have a hard time explaining death to my son. This is an appropriate way. :)

  7. My mama used to explain me some critical things through stories, I really liked her stories.. :)
    Thanks Ashish, Maniparna and Vinitha for your encouraging words.

  8. Nice made me wonder how simple we make some of the complex things for kids....wish we never grew up to face difficult times.

  9. Can identify with your tale, Appy.
    We have heard similar stories of - angels, stars etc...
    Well expressed.

  10. Thanks Shweta and Anita for your encouraging words...



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