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THE REUNION: part 2 (Love Diaries #2)

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Dear Diary,

I felt guilty for rudely behaving with him. Ohh... My heart isn’t at ease because today my whole day went pretty bad. Yesterday I was so excited to meet him, but after seeing him now that excitement vanishes. I looked again his Facebook pictures and his pictures are so captivating. Then why he has kept a stubble face. He looked like a homeless guy and also a little older than his actual age.

I’m disappointed, maybe I was hoping too much. I never realized his flirty messages in Facebook were nothing serious. But still I’m concerned about his interview. Did he perform well? Did he follow my instructions and shaved? I know I have to call him to know the interview result and to say him sorry also for my behavior.

See you soon

She closed her diary. Her phone beeped, a message came. So she moved to look for her phone. The clock showed her 9 pm. She thought to herself,‘The results must be out by now.’

The message was sent from him and it said,  ‘Come to your garden, I’m waiting.’ She grabbed her jacket and hurried towards her garden.

There she saw a clean shaven man standing with smiling look. “You look different.” She complimented him. He said, “Hmm... I have to, since it was your command.”

“Did you perform well in the interview? What about the result? Did you get selected?” A shade of curiosity formed on her face. “Yes, I got that job.” He said, folding his arms across his chest.

“See I told you naa... You couldn’t have gotten that job with your stubble look.”  She raised her hand confidently.

“But you know, I shaved before coming here and I got that job with my stubble look. I know my looks weren’t formal for the interview, but I have taken my luck with me. That’s why I told you to meet me before the interview. Because You are my lucky charm...” He met his gaze with her to read her expression.

 “I don’t understand clearly what are you saying...” She was cut in the mid sentence.

“Stupid!!! I’m saying that I’m madly in love with you. This is the straight answer. And I know you also feel the same for me. So I shaved before coming here because you told me to.” He intertwined his hand with hers.

A jolly smile formed on her face and she pulled him into a hug.


They sat in her garden bench. “By the way how did you get the job? Your interviewer didn’t tell you anything? You know most of the rejection is due to stubble look.” She wasn’t convinced about his interview result.

He laughed a little and said, “Yes, the interviewer did ask me why I haven’t shaven? You know I have submitted my resume with a clean shaven face. So I answered, pointing to myself that I can assure you sir that I’m much better than the me in the photo. And as I told you my luck also worked. So I got selected.”

“Then I’m really your lucky charm na...” she asked playfully.

They both laughed. 

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