Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I’m writing this post for IndiBlogger IndiSpire (Edition 42). The topic is to list 10 things to dump in 2015.

I consider life as a book. I’m the protagonist (antagonist) of my book. Recently I’m in my 20th chapter, and in the New Year I will soon start my 21st chapter.  Up to now my life has been amazing with my family, friends, society, college, writing and blog. But I need to let some things go. It’s not like the New Year resolution.
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The New Year is considered as ‘a chance to start fresh again’. Below ten things are my list, things I want to change. If I work on ten percentages of these things, then I think I can move one step further.

1-            In this New Year the very first thing I want to dump is my ego and going to call all my friends from my contact list for wishing them.

2-            Second thing I want to dump my laziness. I have my semester, classes, projects, exams and seminars attain. But still sometimes I’m too lazy to even open my blog. So I need to be regular in my blog post. I will give more time towards my passion i.e. blogging.

3-            Third thing I want to dump is my pickiness. I always pick veggies from my food.  I’m quite choosy in case of food also. I will try to increase my veggie limit.

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4-            Ohh.. GOD what if I look bad in this cloth or I think she hates me or I think I will get a back in this subject... The fourth thing is my pessimism. I think I’m a little pessimist.

5-            Fifth thing is I want to dump my shyness. I’m a little shy while talking to someone. I’m also not an initiator of the conversation.

6-            Sixth thing is my over thinking capability. Sometimes I over think about a situation, which leads to emotional disturbance and that also, hamper my mental peace.

7-            Seventh thing I’m going to dump is my prediction.  You must be thinking what is this prediction thing? I always predict the result and sometimes my friends get irritated with this because sometimes it happens (my predictions are never good as I’m a pessimist).

8-            Eighth thing I’m going to dump is the older me; who is not emotionally stable, who can’t take her decision, who is not brave and who is afraid to take a stand.

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9-            Ninth thing I’m going to dump is some past memory. There is a saying that “You can’t restart the new chapter of your life, if you keep looking at the last chapter.”  I want to forget all the difficult, agonizing and hurtful moments of my past but I will take the good and mesmerizing moments for the future through my present. 
10-          Last but not the least I’m going to dump is my blog design and layout. I will try to redecorate my blog in the New Year as my blog will complete its first year.

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Thanks for stopping by, I read each and every comment. So share your thoughts before leaving....


  1. This is a nice piece of writing. Usually the tendency of humans is to be liitle lazy to not fulfill the things they hav expected but I'm sure you are one those person who wil meet up the things and sumup everything perfectly.
    This dump list made me realise that certain things should be just to let go.
    Happy reading your this blog :)

  2. Welcome to my blog Gargee, Thanks for reading it and I think I will try to meet up to your expectation...

  3. Great list, Arpita. Sounds matured and grown up. I will add few from your list to mine. :) Loved your writing too, Arpita. :)

  4. Very nice list, Appy :)
    Hope you attain all what you wish & more!
    happy New Year in advance :)

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