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Recently I came across this advertisement, which shows the truth brings mental peace to human beings. I also had a similar experience, which I’m going to share with all.

 I was always crazy about dance during my schooling days. But my parents gave me the permission to learn only ‘Odissi’ dance. Frankly, I was okay with it, but I needed more. I always wanted to learn different dance styles. I wasn't allowed to perform on stage except 'Odissi'. So I was somehow desperate to perform different dance styles except 'Odissi'.

In my 9th grade my school organized inter school dance competition. My heart mounted over my mind so I decided to participate in that. I went to give my audition; my first mistake was I didn't ask my parent about this as I was too confident that they will deny it, my second mistake was I forged the signature of my papa in application. I performed and got selected for the next round. But I couldn't find the satisfaction.

The days passed by and the final competition night came. I told my parents that I was going to my best friend’s home and left for school. I wasn’t feeling well thinking about the lie I told to my parents. The anchor announced my name and I took my position in the center of the stage. The music started and I moved my body rhythmically with the music. My eyes moved among the crowd and suddenly I felt my gaze met with my father’s and I started to shiver. The next moment I saw my father wasn’t there. My heart wasn’t at ease.

When my performance completed I packed my bag pack and left the school. I marched towards my home. I knocked the door and my mama opened it. I found my papa reading newspaper sitting in leaving the room. He folded the newspaper and placed it beside him.

“What happened? Your study completed this early?” He asked.

“Um... Papa, mama... I want to confess something.” I tried to keep eye contact but failed. I explained all the things. “I’m so sorry. I can assure you this will never happen again. You can give me any kind of punishment.” I was reflecting upon my actions and truly seeking for their forgiveness. Papa got up from the sofa and moved towards me. For a moment I thought that he was going to slap me. But instead he patted me and asked, “If you wanted to participate, then you should have told me. In the first place you lied, but now what have changed your mind?”

“Papa ever since I lied to you, my heart wasn’t at ease. So I wanted to tell the truth.” Tears found their way out.

“I’m glad you realized your mistake and what about your result? Did you get any prize?” With that he gave me a smile.

“Actually papa I didn’t wait for the result.” I gave him a sad smile.

“Then let’s go. I will also go with you.”

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From that day onward I never lied to my parents. I always seek permission before going anywhere and he gives me also. I also realized one thing ‘The truth is a beautiful thing; at first it will piss you off, but the next it will set you free.’     

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  1. Really Truth has lot of power..Power of satisfaction..Power of honesty..Power of not cheating anyone..Apologize is the medium through which we can improve our mistake.

  2. Completely agree with you Rohit, Welcome to my blog.....



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