Monday, 29 December 2014

THE REUNION: Part 1 (Love Diaries #2)

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Dear Diary,

I have some good news to share with you. My best friend or recent crush is coming tomorrow to meet me. He is my best friend from kinder garden. I still remember at our first meeting we fought for the first bench. We never realized when our fights turned to friendship and we became close friends. Everything was picture perfect until his father’s transfer news broke on us. He moved with his family, at that time we were only fourteen. After his departure, I started to realize his importance in my heart. I never noticed when my feelings changed for him.

Finally, he is coming tomorrow after seven years. Some days ago a message popped on my window screen on Facebook from him. In that message he said that he has an interview to attain, and he wants to meet me also. If he could see that, I’m on cloud nine right now.

I have selected my black dress for tomorrow. Black is his favorite color. At first I want to know if he has the same feelings for me as I have for him. After that I will confess  my feelings....

See you soon

She closed her diary and went to bed.

The next morning she went to the airport to meet him. After fifteen minutes of more waiting she heard someone called her name. She turned to see a bearded man waving at her. She took some minutes to recognize him. She snapped him, “What’s with this stubble look? Are you serious? Will you give your interview in this look?” His smile vanished. A sudden thought came to her mind and made her sad. ‘He didn’t try to impress me? It means he sees me nothing more than a friend and I tried so hard to impress him.’ She thought to herself.

“Why are you staring at me? Go and shave. At least try to impress your interviewer. With this look you won’t get the job.” She said furiously and left that place.

‘He was there with that unkempt appearance. I don’t know whether I did right or wrong by leaving that place. But one thing I’m sure that I hate his new look.’, she thought to herself.

To be continued....     

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