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FEAR: The worst enemy of our life

I have seen the videos of mountain dew several times on television. But what caught my eye was its tag line, “Darr ke age jeet hai” in English Victory over your fear. You can visit their Facebook page.  It always have inspired me and when I saw the topic of “Indi-happy hours!”, I decided to write about it. Here I’m sharing a story of a little girl.

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A seven year old cute little girl was over excited to perform on the stage; she had prepared so hard for the completion. That day she practiced her performance for the final time before wearing her costume. Her mom applied a little make up on her face.

The anchor announced her name and she got up to the stage. She took her position and the music started. She moved her body with according to the rhythm of the music. She saw many gazes were rested on her, and suddenly nervousness engulfed her. She started to shiver and eventually forgot her steps. Some people started to laugh at her feebleness. Her vision got blurry with tears. That night she cried her heart out. Her mom and dad tried to soothe her, but nothing worked out.

That day remained a nightmare for her, for the next couple of years. It was difficult for her to face people after that incident. She became an introvert person, started to hate attention and liked to be a wallflower at parties. She was shy and quiet, she was always the back benches of her school and no one talked to her unless they needed something from her.

 One day she decided to win over her fear. She never wanted that life, but that happened to her. She held her pen and paper, then made a list of ‘What to do’. She also explored the internet to find her answer. She tried several weird methods;  singing aloud in a park or open area, greet to each and every person she met, changed her hair style and a new makeover. But nothing worked out, she needed that inspiration to let out her fear.

Then she got that inspiration. She came to know that to disclose the fear, she has to face it. And the most important thing she thought that “her personality has nothing to do with her fear.” She kept her positive attitude towards life and now she is able to overcome it.

That little girl was me, who had a sever people-facing-phobia. If you would ask me "What is the definition of fear?" Then my answer would be “Fear is not real. It is a thought and our imagination causing us to fear things, that don’t even exist.”

If you would ask me “How did you overcome it?” Then my answer would be “ Believe me It was never easy but I had to take the initiative. I tried this, when I was nervous I started to laugh and sometimes I heard music. I had to stop over thinking about any situation. Over thinking can convert a minor fear to a major fear.”

If you would ask me “ What was your source of inspiration?” Then my answer would be “The first thing inspired me was a book name ‘you can win’ by Shiv Khera. The second source was my parents, who supported me and helped me in every possible way. The third source was my willingness.”

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Some of my favorite quotes on fear:-    
“Do one thing, that scares you.”
“Darr ke age Jeet hai.” (English translates- “Take the risk, because victory lies over fear.”)  

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