Friday, 19 December 2014

Heart Beat : Love diaries (#1)

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[A/N- I will be writing a series of short and love stories and it is the first story of that series. Hope you like it and share your thoughts in comment bellow.] 

Taking deep breaths, she pulled her mobile; surfed through the applications and opened the voice recorder. She needed to convert her emotions, happiness, sadness, darkness into sentences. It will be better this way, she thought to herself. She pressed the start button.

“We are sitting in the garden area now; you are completely lost in your music, unaware of me sitting in front of you. You must be wondering what I’m saying now? If you know, I don’t think you know about my feelings. We were classmates from kinder garden, but now we are from different worlds. You spend your days composing music while I spent my days reading machine and mechanics. Yes, I become an engineer.”

She attempted to smile, yet a lone tear slowly slithered down her cheek.

“I’ve noticed you for longer than I remember. I didn’t stalk you. I just happened to know you before your music career; we also were friends from our high school days. We weren't that close. I’ve always admired you for your bright and cheerful personality. But I never realized when my feelings changed; maybe it was after your first stage performance when girls roamed around you, jealousy had stung me.  I’ve attended your every concert in a hope to get near you. I’ve listened your every music a thousand times.”

She pressed her lips into a stern line and exhaled.

“Your music hurt me as much as when I thought of the girl, whom all those songs were written for. I don’t know who she is and what is she like? But I have to release my agony to get over you. So I decided to send you my confession through voice recorder.” 

Her heart squeezed around. It was telling her to spill out everything.

“I know you won’t take me seriously, but it’s my humble request, can you pretend not to hear anything? I will be always a number one fan and cherish your songs. You’re amazing and let your music guide you through your decisions. And... I love you.”

She pressed the end button, and sent the recording to him through Whatsapp. She felt so much relieved as she saw his phone beeped and he checked his phone. A moment passed and her heart started to beat wildly. 

He shifted from his position and marched towards her. “I’m sorry.” He said, with a fake smile which didn’t reach his eyes. He is sorry for my feeling, she thought to herself. “Actually, my speaker broke down yesterday. I saw you've sent an audio. Is it a song or did you say something in that?” She jerked at his sweet voice. “Huh?” was all she managed to say.

“Are you crying? Your eyes look puffy and red. What happened?” his dark brown eyes locked with hers. “No... Nothing...” She got up, grabbed her things from the bench and started to leave. Anger flashed in her eyes.

He caught her hand and pulled her back to him. “What are...” she was cut off in the mid sentence. “You don’t want to know who that girl is.” She jerked away from him and said, “Why would I care? It’s your life anyway.” She stopped; it means he heard my record.

He extended his hand and intertwined with hers. “That’s you!!! Stupid...” he pulled her into a bear hug and she hugged him back.

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  1. I must say the story has a good culmination point..:)..nicely written.

  2. Welcome Anirudh and Amrit to my blog...thanks for liking it...

  3. Loved it. Waiting for the next one :)

  4. Thank you pooja...:) welcome to my blog!



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