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DARK SOUL: a book review

256 Page
ISBN: 9789384180058
Format: Paperback
Price: 150/-
Published on 10th October 2014 

Dark soul a lament within the core is the story about a boy named Tom, whose mother died screaming that her unborn child is evil. After that granny and Lucy accepted him as their family. Apart from granny and Lucy he adored his best friend kristaine.

From childhood days Tom and Kristaine were inseparable one.  With change in time Kristaine's feeling changed for Tom.  At first she thought the feelings were mutual, but the truth was bitter and hard to accept. She got rejected before expressing her love.

Tom already had a loved one, which broke Kristaine apart. Suddenly Tom’s first love went missing and he held himself responsible for this mishap.

Tom’s curiosity led him, Kristaine and Mecanz into a mysterious world, where they learned about various creatures and some nasty secrets about Tom.

Will they able to return to their home? Will Tom able to find his way out of his own secret?

Dark soul is Mitali Priyadarsini’s debut novel of fantasy genre. She portrayed her characters well, I feel more allied to Kristaine. The 256 page novel is a quick read for a Sunday afternoon. The story moves briskly with every chapter revealing some secrets.

The friendship of Tom and Kristaine was adorable. The author has penned the emotion of Kristaine marvelously. The novel promises a second series to complete its story.

This novel has pros as well as cons. I quite like the first part of the novel, but the second part didn’t meet my expectation level. I also felt the story got somehow disconnected from the main theme, so I lost a little interest in the ending part.

I hope Mitali will do her best in her second book and she will reshape her story again. I will give 3 out of 5 stars for her writing, the emotions she has poured through Kristaine.

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About the author

Mitali Priyadarsini is a final year IT, Engineering student. She has a knack for writing articles, poems and sketching. Her initial days of novel reading have inspired her to write and shape up the book. She can be contacted at

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  1. That story looks mystery...spooky and suspense...could be a good review. Thanks babe for sharing this review.

  2. Nice review !! Might pick this book when I am done with my existing pile...

  3. Yup Sweta, it's a good one... Thanks for stopping by.



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