Saturday, 24 January 2015


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I thought I saw him standing there...
With a hand full of roses
Looking in a direction as if waiting for someone
A thousand of thoughts erupted in my mind
I dialled his number seeking where he is
I stunned to hear his answer
I knew that he lied to me
He was smiling, thinking that I wasn’t aware of his lie
But my tears weren’t stopping
I left that place hurriedly
With a vivid memory of us spending time together
I thought my parents were right about him
That he isn’t worthy for me
That evening he came to me holding the same roses
With a smiling face, he handed over that to me
At first I was confused by his behavior
So I revealed everything
Saying that he was the reason for my mishap
He laughed at first hearing my revelation
Then he consoled me saying that it was a surprise
For our marriage anniversary
He said he was waiting for the rings arrival
I was amazed thinking about my previous thoughts
He embraced me whispering in my ear that
I was the only love of his life
He slid the ring on my finger
With a symbol of promise
To never be apart from each other

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This post is also written for #WriteTribe WednesdayPrompt 2015-1 – 21 January 2015
Prompt: I thought I saw him/her standing there……..
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