Friday, 9 January 2015


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We had always fought during our school days; whether that is for first bench or first position or class president. We never know why we hated each other so much. I remember he never left any opportunity to humiliate me in front of others.

He was so energetic and cool, everyone thought that except me of course. He had hundreds of fans in our school. At that time he was a singer also. He won several prizes; he even represented our school in state level and national level competition. Every year he owned the all-rounder prize. I didn’t know why I felt jealous to him that time. This jealousy inspired me to compete against him.

After completion of our 12th we changed our paths. I became a doctor and it’s been eight years I saw him last. But about seven months before when I was switching channels on my TV using the remote, I saw him in a reality show. He came to give his music audition. And I knew that he got selected for mega audition. After that I started to watch that reality show regularly. He crossed so many stages and made it to the finale.

On the finale eve, he dedicated his song to his entire friends specially me. I was too shocked to hear my name. He mentioned me as his special friend. He said I was his strength in every field. I never realized when and why a foe became a friend. It’s hard to admit, but he was really good in singing, though he didn’t win the title that night but he won my friendship and trust.

Now we are in contact and close friends. I want to admit something he was brilliant in school and most of the time I lost from him.  

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  1. That's quite a story! All the inklings of a Bollywood plot :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are right Ramakant, Bollywood has a lot of influence in our life.
    Thanks.... :)

  3. Thanks cifar..... :) I'm going to your post now.

  4. I like your works on the blog, looking forward to read more :D
    Thanks Arpita for stopping by mine.

  5. Such a cute post. Reminded me of my school days too.

  6. Yaa Deboshree, this post is inspired a little from my school days.... :)



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