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My small journey from 'OR' to 'AND'

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I was always crazy about dance during my school days. But my parents gave me the permission to learn only ‘Odissi’ dance. Frankly, I was okay with it, but I needed more. I always wanted to learn contemporary dance style. I wasn’t allowed to perform on stage except Odissi. So I was somehow desperate to perform a contemporary dance style.

Every year my school organized an inter school dance competition, a district level dance competition. I always wanted to participate in that competition, but due to my parent’s disapproval I couldn’t participate in that competition.

I was in 9th grade, when inter school dance competition season arrived again. But that time I went against my parents wish. My heart mounted over my mind so I decided to participate in that. I went to give my audition.

I didn’t ask my parent about the competition as I was too confident that they will deny it. I forged the signature of my papa in application. I performed and got selected for the next round. I was so happy and eagerly wanted to share that news with my parents.

 The days passed by and I received some dancing training on different dance styles due to the competition policy that the selected students will receive free training on various dance styles for twenty days. I heard a lot of appreciation for my dance from my mentor. I always wanted to be a classical dancer and a contemporary dancer, just like I wanted to be a good student and a good writer.

 The final competition night came. I told my parents that I was going to my best friend’s home and left for school. I wasn’t feeling well thinking about the lie I told to my parents. The anchor announced my name and I took my position in the center of the stage. The music started and I moved my body rhythmically with the music. My eyes moved among the crowd; they were shouting, clapping and cheering for me. That feeling engraved in my soul and I knew what I had to do next.
When my performance completed I packed my bag pack and marched towards my home. I knocked the door and my mama opened it. I found my papa reading newspaper sitting in leaving the room. He folded the newspaper and placed it beside him.

“What happened? Your study completed this early?” He asked. I explained everything and also seek their forgiveness for my sin that I had committed by not telling the truth before. I was even prepared for my punishment, but my papa advised me not to do such thing in future.

It took me some time to completely convince my parents that I wanted to be a classical dancer and a contemporary dancer. After that incident, I had taken part in several dance competitions and won some of them also. Somehow I made one of my dream come true and I’m glad that I have turned my ‘OR’ to ‘AND’
I, me and myself

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  1. Quite a stand you took! Good to know you are following the path of your heart and lucky to have understanding parents.
    Keep writing.

  2. Thank you Inderpreet, I'm glad to have such understanding parents... :)



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