Friday, 16 January 2015


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Recently I watched a video by Gillette Venus and that inspired me to write this post.

Dear Blog,

I admire them, who convert their hobby into profession. They live with satisfaction and work for them would never be any kind of pressure.

I always wanted to be a writer, though I never realized it initially. During my school days I tried to scribble something on a paper; never aware of the content and the quality of my writing. I also loved to doodle something in my drawing book; thank GOD due to my obstinacy my parents let me learn it and I joined an art class. I was also crazy for dance and I was taking classical dancing tuition. I joined scouting and guide during my schooling. I became the leader of my guide troop; there I gained my confidence and discovered my leadership quality.

I also had made my small journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’. When I was in standard eleventh, I started to read novels. As days passed by reading novels became habit, that habit became my hobby and my hobby became an obsession.

During my engineering my friend Pratikshya introduced me to the blogger world. I never thought that I will fall for blogging.  

Each time I love to explore myself by trying new things. I never care for the achievements, but for my satisfaction because I interpreted success is self satisfaction. I decipher hobbies as passion but never thought of converting them into profession.

I’m happy and satisfy with my current state. When my heart will command me to lead in the direction of my hobbies, I will follow it blindly. I believe ‘One should never leave her passion, even though her profession is different.’ 

Now I can proudly say, “I’m a blogger AND dancer AND painter AND passionate reader AND reviewer AND writer."I have set my limit free. I’m no longer bound to a single tag. I always think tenth times before saying that ‘this thing is not my cup of tea.’ I will definitely earn some more tags in coming future, which will define me.
Till then,
 See you

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