Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Today I stepped out of my house to breath the fresh air,
But my owner threw a dustbin full of garbage on my hair...
Annoyance slithered on my face, aisles formed in my mind in an array
Instead, she said it was aimed for the ground and I came on its way...
After a few seconds my mom did the same as my owner and smile at me briefly
Which made me embarrassed and I stood there cheaply...
How can I convince others to make a moral habit to avoid ugliness,
Where my own people don’t care much for cleanliness...

I heard that hygiene started from your own house, but never give a second glance at this statement. After that incident, I rushed inside my house; first to change my clothes  and bathing purposes and second to question my mother.

I slid into the bathroom and cleaned myself. After a few minutes I marched towards mama. “How could you do that mama? I was thinking of lecturing our house owner not to throw the garbage here and there. But oh... You did the same thing in front of me and her, it humiliates me. And the most important thing, why are you throwing the garbage on the ground instead of government dustbins?”  Anger radiated on my face.

She observed me carefully and after a while, she spoke, “ Why are you reacting today? It happens every day on most of the houses. People throw garbage on road, cinema hall, park and even in tourist places also. You never reacted to that, just because It fell on you you’re showing your fists.” I was stunned; what she said was true, I never once raise my voice for that, then why I’m reacting now.
I contemplated silence was the best answer for that moment. I thought some questions don’t have any explanation. I got ready for my college.  My bus arrived and I sat across a window seat. On my way to college for the first time I checked my surroundings; some roads are clean like pristine, some roads are full of garbage and spiting of betel.

I’m amazed to see the beautiful patterns of betel spit on the walls
People should  get rewarded for their great hard works...
My bus took a sudden turn, I made myself comfortable,
And I saw some scene...  Which will be memorable...
Some fountains were popping out of people’s mouth, finding their way to the ground
And the shining rappers of light foods flying all around in the background...
I saw a brand new car stood beside our bus, sliding it’s glass down a bottle soaring down to the road,
A twinkling sound made my mind hush, I wonder if the reality is in such mode...
I clapped for them in my thought with a negative smug,
Because This is the great Indian litterbug...

Source: Google Images

Recently our prime minister had initiated ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. People had heard it, encouraged it and praised for the idea. But how many have actually fulfilled it???

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

I have seen some Bollywood movies having scenes like peeing on the restricted walls, spitting here and there. I think people should be rewarded for this; a litterbug cap with a smiling face and a click on camera to remember this mesmerizing moment.

This humor video must will able to unlock some people's mind

Pay visit to the site The great Indian Litterbug (by TOI)
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  1. There are lessons that people need to learn. Thanks for bringing out the truth of society through your writing,

  2. Your positive feedback is very encouraging Amrit... :)



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