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Dear Blog,

We all know that children are the active and energetic members in a house; they always keep you busy with their notorious activities. That’s why it is said that ‘A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday!’ But when an active member of a house falls sick, then the whole environment turns dull and it felt like the whole house has fallen sick.

When I was in sixth standard, I felt sick severely. At first I caught cold, then that cold leaded to fever. At first everyone thought that it was viral fever and I will be okay after some days. But day by day I got serious and I had to get admitted in a hospital.

The doctor took several tests and concluded that my immune power is too low to fight back with the disease and due to malnutrition I was not getting well soon. He also announced that I was remarkably under weight.

At that time I sensed the atmosphere in my house; it was like everything was black and white. My parents as well as my relatives were tensed. It felt like the whole house was ill.

The next day the doctor advised me three things that I had to maintain for prevention purpose. The first thing he highlighted Food. He said, “Food plays a vital role in daily nutrition. One should eat a pretty amount of vegetables and fruits to get proper nutrition.  Food also increase the immune power to fight back with diseases. So do you like green vegetables?”

Before I could say anything my papa replied, “ No. She doesn’t eat anything but potatoes.” My face turned red. The doctor smiled and advised me to eat proper food.

The second thing he highlighted was Water. “One should drink two liter water per day. It’s a healthy habit.” The third thing he highlighted was cleaning. “ You should keep your house clean as much as possible so that you won’t feel sick mentally.”

Till now also I have remembered his words and now I’m following it. After three more days I got discharged from the hospital and took my medicines as well as the advises he had given me. I recovered completely and sensed the change in the atmosphere in my house. Happiness entered into my house. I was back to my normal self; jumping, dancing, disturbing my parents and cracking jokes. Then I realized something that I’m the heart of my house; if I’m to become dull then the whole house is changing its environment to a faded color and if I’m cheerful then the whole house is shining like a rainbow.

Till then,
See you

When I was a kid, I also didn’t like vegetables and in my home, I became the choosy one when it comes to food. My parents tried so many methods to make me eat the vegetables; my mama was trying to make different dishes in a hope that maybe I will get attracted towards it’s look. But I got older and realized the value of nutrition.

You can visit the site of Dabur Chyawanprash
They are also encouraging healthiness; their mantra is 'A healthy child makes a healthy home.'
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  1. I love how creative and crafty that diary is. :)
    Stay warm and colorful so that everyone around you could benefit.

  2. Thanks SuperLux and welcome to my blog ....:)

  3. The silence that spreads in the house when a child falls sick is unbearable. Nice post!

  4. You are right Vidya.... the house lost its color when a child falls sick..

  5. Well-expressed, Appy :)
    Wise words. Diary is a good idea.



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