Tuesday, 13 January 2015


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Staying alone in a big city like Bangalore was not that easy.  Every time I met with strange aloofness in my home and I missed my parents so much. About three months ago I heard my dad’s transfer news. I was so happy to hear that news. I decided to look for a new house as I was living in a small house of only one room. I asked my friend to help me find a new house. And she booked a 3bhk flat under my name in between mine and dad’s office road. I thanked her for solving one of my greatest problems, because it’s not easy to find a flat in Bangalore within such less time.

I moved to the new flat about two months ago. I liked the new flat and the view across the window. I unpacked my luggage and started to decorate the house. But some of my furniture didn’t match with the color and interior of my flat, which made me sad. Some of my furniture was also too old and I didn’t want to place them in my new flat. I had my savings, but I still needed more to buy new furniture and I was afraid to apply for a personal loan.

The next morning I was sharing my problems with my friend, who helped me in booking the flat. She suggested me to sell some of my old furniture and buy some with according to my interior’s suitability. She also introduced me to Quikr. She also revealed that she booked the flat with the help of Quikr Bangalore. She explained me that Quikr is an amazing and secure platform for both seller and buyer; it’s a place where a seller can meet a buyer directly.

 I obeyed her advice and instantly started collecting information about Quikr. I felt amazing to know that if I upload some pictures of my old furniture from different angles and give some information about the product, then I can directly meet with the buyer.

 I held my phone; first downloaded its app and then started to click some snaps of my wardrobe, dining table, study table, refrigerator and more importantly my bed. I had not changed my bed for five years.

In a few days I started to receive phone calls from the buyers, who were interested in my uploaded pictures. At first I was amazed about the amount of phone calls I received. I did my best and sold my wardrobe, refrigerator and study table within a week.

After some days I fixed a deal on my dining table and the next day it also got sold to a buyer. I bought some new furniture from that money. I was relieved to avoid another personal loan.  My parents joined me one month before and they were impressed with my decorating sense. They asked me how did I manage so many things and my only answer was ‘it’s all thanks to Quikr Bangalore’.

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It was my relocation story. If you are also relocating, I will suggest you to check their website  http://bangalore.quikr.com/.         

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