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Love is an intense feeling. Everybody must have tasted the essence of first love or at least first crush. I met him the previous year in a cafe. He came with his friend and I came with mine. As our corresponding friends were a couple, they introduced us. At first I thought he was completely different from me, but eventually I found that we have a lot of similarities.

As days passed by our friendship turned into something more, our feelings got intense. We both aware that the feeling we share for each other is beyond friendship. And finally the golden day came into my life, when he proposed me. I’m quite shy and socially ill-equipped person where as he is charming, outspoken and extrovert person. He proposed me every now and then. But never once I engulfed my courage to propose him.

This time I’m thinking to celebrate the valentine day by surprising him, by proposing him. My attire for that day is ready; it’s his favorite color gray and black. We both love long drive, cafe mocha, restaurant and talking. So I’m thinking first we’ll go to a cafe; while enjoying our cafe mocha we’ll talk. I know it sounds little silly, but we talked about various things and with our each talk we explore more about each other.

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We’ll go on a long drive and after reaching on our destination I’ll propose him with three promises. My first promise will be “I will be with you despite of any situation”. My second promise will be “I will always try to make you happy.” And my thirst promise will be “I will love you unconditionally for eternity. Will you love me back unreservedly? Will you hold me tight, when I will be down position? Will you stand by me, when I will need you the most?

I’m nervous thinking about his answer. Will he simply answer me or with a twist and turn I will receive my answer?

I’m a writer and he often insists that I should write something about him. So I have written a poem for him. And I have made a card for him, there I will write that poem.

My fragile heart has fallen for you,
It’s in madly love with you.
The fancy yet empathy emotions for you,
Have emerged then spread out within you.
Let my arm curl over you,
I’m dreaming a dream with you.
I have engrossed in thoughts of you,
And I’m lost within you.
Trust, faith all I have for you,
I believe my belief in you.
My heart is hoping for love from you,
It is breathing for you.
Hold me, stand by me and let me spread my wings over you,
For my love only just for you.

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It’s his dream that someday I will propose to him. I’m sure my proposal will make a memorable day for him. After that we will walk hand in hand for some time. We love to walk holding hands and whispering a song. He loves to sing for me.

In the evening we will go on a date to our favorite restaurant. With the end of diner our special day will also end. This is what I’m planning to make a memorable day for him. 

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