Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Breakfast Alchemy: Slaying your Industry Demons

Gurgaon: April 20, 2016 – Mettl(, India’s premiere talent measurement and assessment organization, announces its launch of The Breakfast Alchemy, which will see top HR leaders unite to battle against growing challenges fated to plague future outcomes in their industry.

What is this 'the Breakfast Alchemy' all about

  • 'The Breakfast Alchemy' is an event where top HRs will be discussing and solving the real time issues and case studies faced during Hiring. They'll also emphasize on hiring strategy in front of a live audience of 800 HR professionals. 
  • Identifying the right skilled person for the company is the biggest responsibility of an HR and the identification should be done from multiple dimensions.

The unique initiative is set to replicate an Arthurian round table for the HR fraternity, enabling them a peek into multiple perspectives and possibly a foolproof solution. The inaugural Breakfast Alchemy would see premier banking, finance, and insurance leaders from big name companies such as Indiabulls, PNB Metlife, Religare, Max Life Insurance and PNB Housing brainstorm on a theme titled – Increasing High Performer-New Hire Ratio in BFSI, slated for 28 April between 10:00AM-11:30AM.

In an industry slowly becoming rife with high attrition rates and a target of negative bias for new career opportunities, the Mettl event makes a timely appearance. The case study format would see HR veterans deliberate on the issue to yield fruitful insights.

Why 'The Breakfast Alchemy' is one of a kind approach

  • What makes the Breakfast Alchemy a one of a kind approach is its ease of access. In addition to being free, the event will be streamed live, allowing top HR executives, Talent Acquisition Teams, Business Partners, Learning and Development teams among other enthusiasts tune in at the comfort of their environment.
  • Another thing, it's giving most HR professionals an opportunity to have an insight to the real world issues and case studies. They can watch the video in their comfortable environment also.

Mettl has even gone as far as developing a workaround for those who may find the time inconvenient, making the video recording available to all registrants post the event.

Why such title of this event

  • The play of words regarding the title of the event is well intended in the hope that the Human Resource leaders would don the cloaks of alchemists to forge gold, using their years of experience, out of a seemingly defeated situation.

The reason for Mettl's existance

  • Increasing the new hire-high performer ratio by deploying custom assessments for 30+ industries has been one of the reasons for Mettl’s existence. The rigor of the Breakfast Alchemy ensures that the audience can replicate conclusive practices from the alchemists in the BFSI vertical to create parallels for a strong human capital framework.

You can visit Mettl's site @( or by clicking this link to have a clear thought regarding this event.

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  1. The Breakfast Alchemy is a great initiative by Mettl and is really a fruitful effort in order to hire one of the greatest and skilled individuals across India. Thanks Arpita to let us aware about the event which was made accessible to most of the audiences at their comfort zone.

    1. Yes, it's indeed a fruitful event for all HR professionals.



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