Tuesday, 19 April 2016

QUEEN : Movie Showcase (#AtoZChallenge)

Release year : 2013
Director : Vikas Bhal
protagonists : Kangana Ranaut & Raj Kumar yadav
         [I'll be showcasing movies, which touched my heart, and giving my thoughts on them.] 

My Thoughts :

Some story teller enthrall you with the charm of their unique story line and some shock you with a simple yet string story line. This movie comes under the latter category. Rani, portrayed by Kangana Ranaut, is low on self esteem but later found her voice in her solo journey to Parish. Her transformation in terms of confidence was beautiful. After the groom denied to marry her on the marriage day, she didn't broke completely rather decided to rise, to go on her pre-decided honeymoon alone.  

This movie highlighted Kangana's talent in acting. You'll love her innocence, her journey, her roommates, her silly jokes and some inspiring facts through her journey. 

             Thank you for stopping by. This post is written for #AtoZchallenge2016

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