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Book Blurb :

“What is someone like her doing in advertising?” 

This was the question asked by a puzzled Britisher who was the Managing Director of a leading multinational company in India after he met her for the first time. It was a question that she sensed in the air around her right through her career. 

She worked her way up from the position of Room Service Order Taker in a luxury hotel to senior management positions in the fields of Advertising and Marketing in India. But she always sensed that she did not quite fit into the corporate mould. 

A Dance with the Corporate Ton (a phrase that plays on the haut or London ton) is a no holds barred chronicle of a woman's professional saga in India. 

As a manager eyeing the corporate ladder of success, have you ever felt that people who are to the manor born have a home advantage? En route your climb to achieving your career goals, have you ever felt that you need to be much more than just talented, hard-working, committed and honest? Did you feel the need to change your personality to project a perceived corporate persona? If the answers to these questions are yes, then chances are you might find your own career stories reflected in this book. 

The author, Lata Subramanian, will take you on a career journey that will make you relive the excitement of your first job; the exhilaration of career breakthroughs; the highs and lows of corporate life; and your search for personal meaning. Along the way, she will also make you smile a lot as her career autobiography is full of humor, satire, anecdotes and interesting historical references to aristocratic behavior. 

My Review :

A Dance With Corporate Ton : Reflections of a worker ant' is the depiction of her journey in corporate world from a room service order taker in a luxurious hotel in hospitality department to manager in the advertisement and marketing company of India. This book is also an insight to the corporate world.

Lata Subramanian, the author knows how to play with words; she has kept some scenes hilarious and she made this book more gripping so that nobody can  leave it once started. The writing style is crisp. She has penned her experience in her professional life, her family and her surroundings.

This book will help the newbies in corporate sector. As a newbie, I can also relate so many things. I think the 'Fair and Lovely' concept still applicable, though not openly. I loved the clip-arts in so many pages. I must highlight the pace of the story is pleasant and one can see the glimpses to author's life.

I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. It's recommended to all, who loves to read memoirs, wish to know about corporate sector and newbies in this sectors.

About The Author :

An Economics graduate, Lata has over 35 years of work experience across a range of service related industries such as Advertising, Civil Aviation, Hospitality,Marketing and Publishing. 

She is a voracious reader and loves to write. Her love for writing led her to accept the post of Managing Editor, The Smart Manager; a position she held between 2008 and 2010 when she was in Publishing. She is now a hobbyist writer and blogger, publishing posts regularly   

P.s. I was given the review copy for an honesh review.

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  1. I've never heard of the phrase London Ton despite being British...! sounds interesting, though!

    1. Hehehe... Welcome to my blog Liz. You should try this one... :)



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