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YOU RAISE ME UP : Book Review

Book Blurb :

Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old, chartered accountant, meets the vivacious and beautiful Priyanka Mehra, on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. They are instantly attracted to each other, though completely opposite in nature. However, something is holding Aalok back. Will this thing throw a spanner in his love story? Or will he be able to overcome his demons?

My Review :

'You raise Me Up' is a story about two adults; Alok Sharma, a chartered accountant and Priyanka Mehra, a lawyer, who met each other in a flight. Apart from a fact that they  are completely opposite by nature, they got attracted to each other in the instant moment. Due to some reasons they got tangled into each others life. Though they began to fall for each other, still hesitate to express it. Alok has a deep past that is holding him back from accepting his feelings. Will his past come in the way of present and will it tear the relationship between Alok and Priyanka? This book will give you answers to these questions.

This book is for you adult and teens who can relate so much from this book. This story depicts the life style of modern people and their thoughts. This book is the combination of love, romance, commitment, promises and one's broken self.

The author Arjun Hemmady himself accepted that he has never been in a relationship. Neither has he read a romantic novel nor does he watch romantic movies. This reflected in this story. The story line is straight without any twists and turns, so in some places felt completely flat. Some of the scenes are completely predictable because may be I've read umpteenth number of romantic books. I think the author has the potential to rise higher, so he'll definitely shine in his next book.

What I like!!!

  • Well, I liked the author's attempt to write a novel with the fact that he hasn't read a single romantic novel nor even watched any romantic movie. I found the story is convincing and a quick read. 
  • The writing style isn't complex also. So it'll be better for most of the age group readers to understand the story. 
  • The author has divided the story into three parts; the first and third depicts the present and the second part depicts the past. So there is no confusion in understanding the scenes.

What I not like!!! 

  • Well, there are some parts where I feel dialogues are put forcefully. Those parts felt little boring. Second thing, the author needs to work more on writing style.
  •  I didn't feel the story is gripping. I mean if I didn't feel the urge to complete it at one go. Thirdly, the characters should be more etched out. 

Scope of improvement!!!

  • Well, this book has a lot of scope of improvements. First thing, the story could have been more gripping or some twists and turns should be added to spice up the story. Second, the writing style felt little flat.  

It's a simple and quick read. if you're looking for a light read you can give it a try. I think it'll be more suitable for teens. I'll give it 2.75 out of 5 stars for the simple, convincing story line and the author's attempt. This book is recommended to all Indian romantic book fans, who will love to read a light story.

About The Author :

Born on 5th April 1989, Arjun Hemmady completed his schooling from St. Mary's ICSE (Mazgaon) and College from RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics. He is pursuing his Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). His past times include writing, reading books and watching movies. He works in a manufacturing company.

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