Monday, 4 April 2016

CHENNAI EXPRESS: Movie Showcase (#AtoZChallenge)

Release Year : 2013
Directed by : Rohit Shetty
Protagonists : Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone
[I'll be showcasing movies, which touched my heart, and giving my thoughts on them.] 

My Thoughts :

I was in my 3rd year of engineering, when I went to watch this movie. Initially, I didn't have much expectation from this one, but it made me hooked from the first scene. There wasn't a second, when I felt bored. Rohit always make his movies for the viewer's entertainment. I loved the unique couple idea of a young south Indian goon's daughter and a 40 year old confectioner (Halwai). There were so many laugh out loud moments and Deepika's performance was praise worthy. 

Thank you for stopping by... This post is written for #AtoZChallenge2016.


  1. Yet to see this one fully. But the songs I have seen and heard countless times :D

    1. Try to watch it completely, you'll laugh out loud for sure... :)

  2. I had heard horrible reviews, but I didn't hate it as much. I still watch it on TV sometimes :)

  3. Visiting from the a-x challenge. This looks like a good movie.

  4. Visiting on C Day of the #Challenge. Love a good movie. Streaming Netflicks has put movies at our fingertips. A good theme choice. If you have time or interest in historic hotels and inns, join me sometime this month. Hope to see you.

    1. Hi Stepheny,
      Thanks for visiting here... :)

  5. Sometimes the movies with horribles reviews are the best! Great post!

    I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

    Shelly @

  6. Totally agree. Didn't have much expectations from this movie, though it turned out to be hilarious :)

    Srivi - AToZChallenge
    The Piscean Me | Twitter



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