Sunday, 17 April 2016


An avid reader by nature, this time I got a chance to write for IndiSpire Edition no 113

Till now I’ve read hundreds or more books; some books left a deep impact on me, some make me desperate to read their more parts, some make me close to the authors and some make their place in ‘learning-something-from-it’ list. I never dislike any book but with time my taste change for books.

When I entered to the bookish world, Romance was my first priority. I loved romance novels from Durjoy Dutta. You can say I was one of those crazy fans of him, who stalks his every book. It was before I was introduced to foreign author’s books. When I was in my teenage, I had special liking towards fantasy, paranormal and romance books. I carved to read vampire books and those days my top most favorite author was Richelle Mead. I completed her ‘Vampire Academy’ series within a week. Her writings made me believe in vampire’s existence.

As time passed by my interest dropped from young adult, fantasy and paranormal series. And I moved towards spiritual and motivational fictions. ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera make my interest towards self-help books. Now –a-days my favorite author is Paulo Coelho, though I’ve read only two of his books. Then how can I forget thriller and mystery genre! Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi are my favorite authors from this genre. If you’ll ask me don’t you like Chetan Bhagat? My answer will be obviously, after all I’m an Indian and how can I not like Chetan’s novels. 


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  1. I infact started from sci-fi, then moved on to motivational, self improveent and spiritual reads. My favourite is still the 'Monk who sold his ferrari', Robin Sharma has some lovely tips to offer as well. You might like it if you do like Shiv Khera's books :)

    - Chai - Style.. A Pastiche -

    1. Yep Chaicy I'll go for that book. Thanks for the recommendation... :)



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