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During my childhood days, I always thought my world was my parents. I depended on them for my every work. I hated to live alone for a minute, so I never let them go without me. I had an insecurity feeling for left-out-alone and I hate that.

Sometimes my parents had to go outside for their work, so they had employed a maid aunty to give me company. Time moved by and I didn’t show any interest to let go of my insecurities. My parents thought I was being too much depended on them for everything. So my mama took the initiative and made plans to make me self reliant. 
Once I had slept in an afternoon and suddenly heard a sound from the kitchen. My eyes flew open and I found I was alone in my house. I panicked and ran towards the main door only to find it was locked from outside. My brain didn’t work for some time, so I ran towards the land telephone, but only to realize I didn’t know their number. Tears were already found their way out, then again, I heard the same noise from the kitchen. That time all the demon stories played on my mind. I looked my surroundings and grabbed a racket. I tiptoed towards the kitchen, slowly opened the door, found the window was open and a cute cat was drinking milk from a pot.

My fear turned into laughter, I sat on the sofa and turned on the music player. After sometime mama came and asked my experience. I pouted at her and told in a stern voice, “it wasn’t that bad.” I also asked her mobile number and remember it.

The next step was to serve food for myself. I ignored it at first, but one day mama told me she wasn’t feeling well, so she can’t serve for me. I waited for some time only to find my appetite was increasing. Then I served for myself and realize this job is not that difficult. From that day onwards I served my own food.

Slowly and steadily I learned how to lock the door, how to wash my clothes in the machine and how to fold after wash clothes. I remember when for the first I made tea for my papa, he complimented me by saying, “Lovely tea dear!  You just forgot to add sugar, otherwise It’s nice.” When for the first time I learned to iron clothes, I burnt one of my papa’s shirts and he said, “It’s okay, I wasn’t going to wear that anymore. But glad you learned it.”

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I believe in my belief that I’m a self-reliant person due to mama’s hard effort and papa’s supports.  She encouraged me, when I needed it. She motivated me by telling stories and setting real world examples. I reinvent myself properly due to mama; she also taught me how and when to be shy or bold.

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  1. Well written. Sometimes we just need to get to the field rather than just motivational speeches.

  2. How wonderful!
    Grateful that we have such nice parents.
    Even I have made mistakes and still treated with love by my parents :)

  3. Thanks Dhwani and Anita for your lovely words!!!

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