Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I browsed the website of Snapdeal. I know his choice, because we both have the same choice in everything. ‘Should I ask mama’s opinion? No... What will I say to mama? That option won’t do.’ Some thoughts were battling in my mind. I had decided that I’ll give him a good yet memorable gift from the bottom of my heart. That gift should be a token of love. I stopped browsing and let the memories passed through my mind.

We both had gone for marketing, there we met Gupta uncle. Mr. G.P. Gupta lives in our neighborhood with his wife. He always took pride on his son, who works for an MNC and stays in Bangalore. I greeted Mr. Gupta. He smiled at me and started to blabber about his son again. He took out his new smart phone and showed it to us. After that, he commented, “it’s the latest one I had bought it last week.  But PC you don’t even have a smart phone, maybe you’ll not understand the features. I don’t understand are you not capable of buying or what?” I took offense to that comment. How can he say that to my...

“Apy, come here beta. I need your help” My mother’s voice brought me back to reality. “Yeah, coming mama.” After helping mama, again I lost in the website. Finally, I selected one, ordered for gift wrap, paid it and gave the address.


One afternoon, my parents and I sat on the sofa. When someone pressed the calling bell. Papa got up from his seat and went to respond. He came back with a parcel and confusion was written all over his face. “Someone sends me a parcel?” he said, sounding more of a question than a statement. He peeled off the wrapper to find a smart phone. He asked me, “What is this beta? Why did you buy it for me? Where did you take the money?”

“Papa, first sit down. I earned that money through blogging. And I feel like spending that money for you, that’s why...” I looked calm, quite and composite. “Beta, but I thought that you are saving that money for your new phone.” He looked concerned. “I was papa, but I changed my mind. Now I’ll earn more to buy a new phone for me. Let that topic go papa. Do you like the phone?”  He looked at me for several moments.

“I love it. I feel proud of you. I’ll show it to everyone saying my daughter has gifted me from her earnings.” He was radiated with pride. He hugged me. He smiled and I saw tears forming from his eyes. Those were the tears of joy. For me, that is a moment to remember. I was more than happy to see him happy.

This is my ‘Dil ki Deal story’. Actually, this isn't a story. It happened...        

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”  



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