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[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here is my story...]

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During 3rd year, our friend circle increased. Lisa, Raj, Sarat and Sourav joined our group and our group was called as 'Auto group'. I don't know properly when and why we were being called as 'Auto group'.

Our 5th semester went smoothly, at first I was unable to cope with new situations or new people. But eventually I started to form liking towards my new friends. Sarat is a funny guy, who loves to joke around. Lisa is our mama, who loves to wear lipstick. Raj is a serious and studious guy, my impression of him changed gradually. And Sourav loves to tell PJ.

We all were different from look and characters. But one thing was common, we all were bound by our friendship. 

I pictured oneness in all of us...      

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  1. Your blog has an interesting look about it. The one common thing that bound you all together makes a nice read. Somali | | Participating in the #atozchallenge

  2. Auto group? :D our group is called Minhoz as we all are die hard fan of Lee Min Ho and it is the ;ove for Korean series which brought us together :D

  3. Wow, Minhoz group... :D In our group only two of us are Min Ho's fan.

  4. You never know what becomes the core reason for friendship. But its important to maintain that "oneness"
    Cheers to your group. :)

  5. Thanks Somali and Salvwi for stopping by... :)



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