Monday, 6 April 2015

EXCUSE US (#AtoZChallenge)

[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here my story starts...]

We five had sat on the canteen and were busy in writing practical record. A boy came towards us huffing and puffing. He seemed too nervous. "Excuse me, can you all help me?" We all looked each other, confused with his question. Muskan asked him what happened. He said, "Actually, due to yesterday's rain my uniform got wet. So I couldn't wear the pant, instead I wear a jeans but the seniors has already picked me." he pointed towards a gang of seniors. 

He continued,"So if any one of you will tell them to spare me, they will leave me alone." We all were processing the entire thing, when Rosni stood up. She seemed confident. "I'll talk to them. Come on, Apy." I didn't want to go but she dragged me to the seniors.

"Due to some reason he couldn't wear his uniform, spare him for once. He won't do it again." Rosni spoke to the seniors. They all laughed out loud. The boy also laughed and said, "I'm a fourth year student." I stood stunned, but Rosni also joined their laughter. One of the senior asked our intro and let us go.

We explained everything to the rest three and we all looked at their direction. "Excuse us" they all shouted and we burst out laughing at our foolishness. 

Sometimes it's good to be fool... 

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  1. it takes guts to laugh at your own foolishness :)

  2. Me and my friend played a similar prank when we visited our campus three years after we had graduated. A senior mistook us for a 1st year student and started ragging us. We played along for a long time till this friend of mine, could not contain herself and burst out laughing. The senior took offence and started harassing her. That is when we revealed that we were veterans and were enjoying it all. Keep it going ... nice to read your college diary.

  3. Ah, that must have been a memorable moment :D It takes guts to go for rescuing someone from seniors and more guts to laugh at our own expense :) Good one Arpita :)

  4. your college diary is interesting.. I'll come back to read more. :)



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