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[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here is my story...]

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During our 3rd semester, we had a subject called EM (Electronic Machine). We did our Mid-semester well in EM subject, but got the shocking news that our class's average was 4 out of 30. On our machine lab, he brought our test copies, he was surrounded by students. Rosni stood near the bundle of test copies and passed the copies to other students.

We were horrified to hear the result; most of the students had scored below 4. Rosni shouted, "Apy!!! You have passed the test." a smile formed on my face. Before I could ask my score, she said, "You have scored 5 out of 30." 15 is the pass mark out of 40 in our university, Though I had scored 10 out of 10 in attendance and assignment. So I had a pass mark.  My smile disappeared. Few minuted later, Rosni again shouted, "Apy, I've failed. I've 4. What should I do?" I looked at her with sympathetic eyes. 

Pakshy cried happily due to her score 10 out of 30. Muskan and Rosni struggled for one mark, whereas Anchal stood silently scoring only 2 out of 30. We all were in a hopeless situation. I saw more zeros than numbers in my copy. Our sir loved to cut marks, I don't know why. He didn't listen to us once and after completing his job, he left the lab.
At that time we cried, but later we laughed at that memory. That was the lowest mark I scored till now... 

To be continued...

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  1. Sweet memories, eh? I remember a time when this happened with me too. I had got 9 out of 25 and the lecturer cut 5 more marks bcoz I hadn't submitted assignment :P I was tempted to tell her to keep the remaining 4 marks too with her if she was so desperate for them :D

  2. Hehehe... I never had a problem with assignment... :)



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