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[My take on A- A smiling stranger , B- Be aware of ragging]

[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here my story starts...]

Three days later, Anchal (straight forward yet innocently sweet inside, but sometimes her straight forwardness makes us feel embarrassed) joined us. Rosni, Pakshy and Anchal started to sit in one bench where as I, Muskan and SP (another friend) sat on their previous bench.

During our first semester, we had physics cycle. We prepared for viva for every lab. I and Rosni belonged to the same group. But the saddest thing was after attempting so many questions from sir and madam, we gained 0.5 out of 2, whereas Ashis (One of our group-mate) gained 1 only saying the aim of the experiment. We always got late for the bus due to that physics lab.

Once I and Rosni got late for bus due to our lengthy experiment. On our way back to the bus,  someone called us, we turned to see a smirk on the senior’s face. We stood there and he rushed towards me. He handed me a chocolate, “Welcome to this college”. I stood there stupidly, where in my mind, I was fighting ‘whether to take it or not’. I knew something was wrong and I also knew that he was giving me the chocolate wrapper only. But he is a senior, maybe he is giving me to throw it. So I should take it. I concluded in my mind.

I took that from his hand and immediately threw it on the ground. He, along with other seniors burst out laughing and Rosni joined them. I stood there expressionless, not understanding the complete situation. My cheeks turned red and embarrassment engulfed me. Suddenly the seniors stopped laughing and asked us our intro.

We left that place hurriedly and caught our corresponding bus. That incident made a place in my memory.

To be continued...

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  1. *Embarrassment* is hard to forget. It will be interesting to read about your real life experiences :)
    Waiting for more.
    Keep Writing, Arpita.

  2. Yup Simran... :) Thanks for visiting... :)

  3. I like your theme..! and the story of cors..!!


  4. i remember this incident.. :) :D hilarious and embarrassing.. :D

  5. Oh, why did they do that? And what happened next. I am curious to know :D



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