Monday, 27 April 2015

WISH FOR MORE (#AtoZChallenge)

[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here is my story...]

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There come to an end of my four years of epic college life. I'm appearing my last semester exam and after two more exams officially my college life will be over. Did I wish to study engineering? No, it was decided through a chit system. Did I wish to take ECE branch? No, it was also selected through a chit system. 

I didn't wish for my terrible ragging. I didn't wish to get  'C' grade in a subject in every semester. I didn't wish the return of our killer lecturer. I didn't want to become a tragedy queen. But, it all happened. Now I wish for more days in college. 

I wish to enjoy as much as possible with my friends. I wish to attend boring class. I wish to travel by bus to college with Muskan and Pakshy. I wish to gulp more 'Kebabs' and cola from Happiness station. I wish to laugh loudly at Anchal and Rosni's jokes. I wish to tease Lisa for her lipstick. 

I wish for more...   

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