Wednesday, 15 April 2015

NEVER GIVE UP (#AtoZChallenge)

[My theme is 'My College Diary', where I'll be posting fictions inspired from my life. This will be a serial story. So here is my story...]

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My summer vacation was not that great. I made some mistakes, which I think so. Not every chapter of life is great. We had some agonizing moments. 'Fight' is a common thing for friends, but for me it's a horrible thing.

My pessimism nature led me towards depression. I avoided to eat properly and my insecurities grew further. Mama started to worry about me. At that time I didn't know what  to do. I knew that I want my friends back. I thought why don't they understand me. I'm not such complex person, maybe I'm sometimes.     

During those times I found a stranger in me. Every night I cried silently holding my teddy tight against me. The frequency of phone calls from my friends had lessen and like this my summer vacation finished. 

On the opening day of our 3rd year, we all hugged smilingly. But I knew that it'll take time to put things in its previous place. 'Never give up' was my mantra at that time. And not once I gave up on them. 

 Every chapter of a book is not great, but still we read it...   

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  1. :) ... i remember the hugs... :).. ah! just two more days left.. and engineering college life would be over... i wish time could stop dear.. Love you lots.. Mmuah!!! :)

  2. Yup Mishra, only two days left :( I also wish time could stop... love you too... :)

  3. Glad you didn't give up girl! Friends are hard to find!

  4. Yup, they are indeed hard to find.. :)



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