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FROM WHERE I SEE :Book review

My Thoughts:

After a long duration Ajay meets his childhood best friend Shruti on a social site; they were the inseparable ones during their childhood times, but in the course of time they had part. Ajay found out Shruti’s name had changed after her marriage with Aslam. She is struggling with social and religious conflicts. One day Ajay gets a call from Aslam, hearing about Shruti’s suicide he becomes stunned. Did she commit suicide or did something kill her. As the story unfolds slowly the reader will get an idea to the above question.   

The book starts with police inquiring about Shruti’s death from Ajay. The first chapter is about the series of questions and answers between the inspector and Ajay. I didn’t like the first chapter but my impression changed with respect to time. Then the story moves in a parallel motion; some pieces of interconnected past and the present. The story eventually explores romance, mystery, thriller, philosophy and religion. 

After finishing this book my point of view on certain things has changed. As the author already mentioned that it’s not only a book; it’s the path to a revolution, it’s a journey towards a Utopian world. Some of the lines, I really liked from the book.

‘When we want to be the first at every place in life, even on a traffic signal, then why last at honesty?’

‘The friendship is not about thinking of your loss, it is about thinking of your friend’s benefit.’

‘If any social or religious dogma harms any human mentally, physically, emotionally and financially then it is the matter of shame not pride.’

‘For ardent believers however much they may consciously try it’s difficult to remain unbiased.’

The characters are well plotted; Ajay an Anesthetist by profession and an open minded person, his point of view towards the society is broad. He is a good friend and can’t tolerate his friend’s anger. Whereas Shruti the boldest girl in her village. She had once hit sarpanch’s son with a stone for his misbehavior.  She has her trauma and conflicts.

Ajay Yadav is a promising author. The author’s writing style is simple yet effective.  The readers won’t feel any difficulty in understanding the lines. Yet, I feel the narration should be a little better.

This book has some pros as well as some cons. This book has the capacity to strike the reader’s thought at certain point but it also fails to attract the reader at some chapters. The length could have been a little less. Sometimes I feel disconnected to the story due to the heavy amount thoughts, point of views and arguments about a topic.

I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars for the utopian concept. I will recommend this book to them, who loves to read philosophical and utopian world.

About the author:

Dr. Ajay Yadav is a consultant Anesthetist, Intensivist and pain specialist. His textbook of anesthesia is most saleable textbook book for undergraduates in India, South East Asia and Africa. He is a rational, logical and analytical thinker. It had always been his dream to write a book which can honestly unfurl the other side of curtain.

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